Online Coaching

I am equally happy to offer all of my coaching, training, consulting and organization development services online, combining physical presence and virtual services in a manner that proves most effective and suitable for clients and customers.

  • 1 hour for individuals or start-ups 150 Euro / hour
  • 1 hour for companies 300 Euro / hour

I work with the client on shared documents ( e.g. Google Docs) or in a protected online environment, all results and solutions will be directly stored, the coachee can revisit the results and add additional informations after the coaching session.


I work with the broadest variety of platforms, applications and systems, seeking at all times to meet customer wishes. On request, I can create a joint and protected virtual work environment for coach and client, deploying an appropriate set of creative tools to support the clarification and collaboration processes.


Systemic constellations, sociograms, picture galleries, resource trees, whiteboards, drawing tools and mapping techniques are the underlying methods I use to work creatively online. I communicate with clients by chat and/or audio/video and telephone, remaining entirely flexible to suit the respective consultancy situation.


Individual Internet work environments produce temporal freedom besides their spatial freedom: clients can enter a session alone at the time of their choosing to process input provided by the coach, review personal thought patterns for the next synchronous, virtual session, go over past sessions and allow deeper mind maps to emerge. In turn, the coach is able to prepare and review client sessions alone and at a place and time of their choosing. This asynchronous methodology of work eases strain on tight deadlines and offers clients a helping hand, even if there is no session planned for the immediate future.


Coaching is rooted in reflection and self-examination. Here, special locations, special times and special relationships prove helpful. But in our networked world, as our social relationships develop to become increasingly virtual, the Internet has grown and emerged as a special realm. Additionally, support and accompaniment is frequently needed in places and situations that do not permit the actual presence of a coach. And this is where multimedia coaching via the Internet proves to be an outstanding service.


I have been involved in online consultancy processes since the start of the 1980s and have since developed long-standing experience in providing multimedia and virtual accompaniment for individuals, teams and groups. I deliver multimedia solutions and services for systemic, solution-focused coaching processes from the clarification of concerns to the description of situations, the activation of resources, the definition of targets, the planning of measures and on to evaluation.

Like in coaching, the trends in e-learning and training are towards ever-shorter units. The principle of brevity in scheduling appointments is easier to integrate within the individual, increasingly rapid cycles of daily schedules, delivering the requisite flexibility. Travel costs and travel times are valuable resources; here, online coaching frees them up for use in more profitable tasks. There is a need for progressive flexibility across temporal and spatial boundaries. Economic factors and social transformation call for the use of modern communication media in coaching.