Individual Coaching

My aim is to support people in such a way that they remain within – or return as quickly as possible to – the potentials of their own strengths.

Coaching areas are e.g.

  • How to deal with conflicts in the work place
  • How to make the best with where you are
  • Support for transitioning into a new position
  • Leadership skills and dealing with your bosses and boards
  • Navigate 21st century workplace changes that are here to stay
  • How to deal with resistance and uncertainties
  • Improvement of communication styles
  • Support in self assessment. Who am I? What am I capable of? What do I want?
  • Self management and how to cope effectively with stressful decisions and changes

I look to provide ideal access to an individual’s own resources to make full use of their entire potential to face the future. A person-centered and systemic coach, I perceive difficult situations also as ‘problem trances’ that through a process of refocusing can quickly be transformed into a ‘solution trance’. I am an expert in uncertainty processes, and I am particularly concerned to strengthen individuals in their capacity to take decisive action.


I am equally happy to offer all of my coaching, training, consulting and organization development services online, combining physical presence and virtual services in a manner that proves most effective and suitable for clients and customers.

  • 1 hour for individuals or start-ups 150 Euro / hour
  • 1 hour for companies 300 Euro / hour

Start now!
The first question and 30 minutes online coaching are free.

I work with the client on shared documents ( e.g. Google Docs) or in a protected online environment, all results and solutions will be directly stored, the coachee can revisit the results and add additional informations after the coaching session.


My strong roots in the tradition of humanistic and person-centered psychology place a particular focus on appreciation and acknowledgement. And my 30+ years of experience as innovation manager and chief executive help me join with my coachees to create potential space for new opportunity, for instance when faced with desired or also unexpected change processes, difficult decision-making situations in phases of particular stress and challenging plans when an unusual burden is placed on communication.

Although my coaching always centers on individuals, I am happy to help structure solutions to personal partnership, group and team processes in my Creative Space Rooms in Stuttgart. I also provided this as supplementary or exclusively online. There are many advantages associated with appreciative and creative consulting processes provided online, and I am happy to tap into this potential with clients.