About Klaus


Klaus Haasis, born 1955, delivers a unique blend of decade-long leadership experience, person-centered consulting excellence and hypno-systemic coaching expertise, packaged within management know-how of technology sectors, the creative industry and politics. For many years now he has advised and accompanied seasoned executives, emerging talents, fledgling entrepreneurs, teams and organizations within a business, science, political and cultural environment.

Professional background

  • 30 years of management experience, seven years in the international chemicals and pharmaceuticals group Hoechst AG; five years as founding managing director at a subsidiary of the German TV station SAT.1
  • 18 years founding managing director of MFG Innovationsagentur, limited company (GmbH) owned by the German state of Baden-Württemberg: transfer, talent, research and startup programs, international cooperation projects, establishment of innovation systems, political consultancy
  • establishment and management of various business networks cluster initiatives, including Baden-Württemberg: Connected e.V. and Open Source Business Alliance e.V.; project aimed at commercialization and growth financing; establishment of the Business Plan Award and Coaching Group, international networking
  • member of various advisory boards, supervisory boards and committees, including Koehler AG Oberkirch; ten years as deputy chairman of the supervisory board
  • topical focus on the support of emerging talent, companies and innovation systems in the field of IT&C, high-tech, innovative services, politics and public administrations, culture and the creative economy, the social and non-profit sectors
  • since 2012 chief executive officer at Combine Innovation GmbH Stuttgart, a company for innovation consultancy and innovative investments
  • since 2007 honorary director and secretary of TCI – The Global Innovation Practitioners Network in Barcelona
  • since 2013 founding member and deputy chairman of IZF Initiative Zukunftsfähige Führung e.V.
  • associate professor for creativity and innovation, among others at Popakademie Baden-Württemberg


  • apprenticeships as photographer and advertising manager
  • graduate of engineering/Dipl.-Ing. and journalism/Dipl. Journalist (Eberhard Wüst, Claudia Mast, Gerhard Maletzke)
  • four-year training as person-centered consultant in organizational development and personal development GWG (Helmut Beutel, Dorothea Kunze, Klaus Antons)
  • three-year training as business coach DBVC at Professio Akademie (Hans Jellouscheck, Jutta Kreyenberg, Schorsch Wilms)
  • two-year training to acquire skills in activating hypno-systemic concepts for coaching, personality, team and organization development (hypno-systemic cognitive tuition coaching) at Milton-Erickson-Institut, Heidelberg (Gunther Schmidt)
  • qualification as Effectuation Expert according to Saras Sarasvathy (Michael Faschingbauer)
  • qualification as Scrum Master, Scrum Alliance (Jeff Sutherland)
  • further qualifications in solution-focused thinking (Ben Furman) and positive psychology (Martin Seligman)

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